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Zhenjiang Sinowa Polyurethane Equipment CO.,LTD

Factory Address: Wuzhou Road No.66, National High and New Technology Industrial Development Zone, Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province,China
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Metal Deck Roll Forming Machines

Adopting integral machine frame, the high-end and high-performance metal deck roll forming machine supplied by Sinowa completes working faces for mounting once at processing center, guaranteeing precise & reliable positioning and long-term & heavy-load operation. With its design going through comprehensive optimization, the overall structure is configured with proper driving force and user-friendly operation interface. The performance of the machine is fairly outstanding.

The roll forming machine production line is user-friendly in terms of the design, manufacturing, sales and training.

It is our pleasure to collaborate with you in establishing your product system and to share with you the long-standing glory of mutual benefits!

  • The metal deck roll forming machine in various models can meets the needs from  most customers.

  • The overall efficiency is high with delivery speed up to 20m/min.

  • Sinowa's philosophy of product design makes sure that each main system keeps many shared common characteristics.

  • The design of our product goes through the PEM comprehensive optimization from each part to the overall structure.

  • All roller sets have gone through the PEM analysis to ensure the high reliability, stability and leading efficiency of our products.

  • Modularized production in combination style features high rate of generalized usage for the parts with easy maintenance.

  • Reinforced designs of the main system structure and quality control enable our machines to produce for you thicker plate cuts.

  • The advanced concept of manufacturing fits our product to high-precision assembly with good control of the form and location tolerance, so the machines can operate stably and produce high-quality products.

  • Machine racks are heat-treated after welding for stress relief to guarantee deformation-free.

  • With all processing done at once, our machine racks rely on advanced machine tools to ensure precision in fitting dimensions and positions of the parts so that our forming machines hardly need repeated calibration and have little reliance on personnel.

  • Incorporated with the leading control system technology, parameter setting is easy and convenient with high-level automation for the system to become powerfully self-learning. All control components are from top international brands with high efficiency and stability as well as user-friendly HMI.

  • Neat and tidy appearance of the overall machine, thoroughly coated and paint-baked, with concealed design of the built-in central control system.

  • World-leading cost-effectiveness with comprehensive services will let you enjoy the calm operation of the machine.

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Metal Deck

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